Old Man w Bible by sjholbert
Saint Isaac's Cathedral through the glass ball  by Akses
Wat Hong Thong by Sivapoom_Yamasaki
Church at night by richardmdunstan
The Inner Circle by ottoberkeley
Sunnyside by jeffniederstadt
Timeless by timpryce
Magical Japan by littlevirag
Lost In Kyoto by dannywatchorn
Apparition by johanlb
Fairfield Church Frosty Sunrise by jamiegillies
In front of an old abandoned church ruins by deejayy
Byodo-in Temple by night by Patosan
Whitby Abbey by Darrell_Evans
Evening at Chureito Pagoda in Japan by NejcDraganjec
Snowy church by MickaelAuffret
Peoples by maxchinelato
Rainy Pray by ovidpop
Sun Worship by swarnendubiswas
Kandawgyi lake and pagoda by diegoscaglione
Sule pagoda by diegoscaglione
Tibetan woman by diegoscaglione
Kandawgyi pagoda by diegoscaglione
Bangkok by diegoscaglione
Temple in Vietnam by diegoscaglione
Buddha by diegoscaglione
Wat Arun by diegoscaglione
Laotian monks by diegoscaglione
Nepalese woman by diegoscaglione
Saint Bart's by MikeW
Resting by diegoscaglione
Iglesia in Alamos, Mexico by 1Ernesto
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