Hay's Falls, Maliseet Trail, Woodstock, New Brunswick (2)





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Behind The Lens

The Maliseet indigenous aboriginal community has cleared a one and a half walking trail to this magnificent waterfall just south of the town of Woodstock, New Brunswick.
Early morning, to catch the sunlight so the falls aren't too heavily shaded.
Morning light is my preference, but one should always pay attention to the time of day for the best lighting of your subject matter.
Basic pocket camera, nothing fancy this time. Another time a tripod and big lens camera would produce a better picture, but it is a long hike with heavy gear, and that would take the fun out it. Better to travel lightly and be able to see things worth taking a picture of, than to have a reason not to go.
The falls are calming, a perfect reason to visit them at any time. They can be difficult to photograph in poor light. I lucked in with the daylight being just right. In the winter the falls freeze up and leave an Angels ice gown in their place - another picture waiting to be taken by visitors to our province.
I go back from time to time, with hiking boots in the summer and fall, rubber boots in the rainy seasons, and on snowshoes in the winter, giving me the opportunity to take photos in many different kinds of light. This picture sums up the best of the experience - Hays Falls is well worth the visit!
In my camera bag
I used to gravel with a 35mm single lens reflex camera with a variety of lenses, filters (star filter used when shooting towards sunlight), small folding tripod and both high and low speed film (I know, I know, ancient technology but in my day we thought we were working with state of the art technology). I eventually moved to helmet, chest and hand mounted camera shots as a military parachutist and skydiver, and you can see samples on my web pages at
Park lightly and go sightseeing off the beaten track - ask the locals about places like there - they have always known where many sites like these waterfalls are located, but don't necessarily tell the rest of the world so they can be enjoyed without the crowds. Bring mosquito repellent, sunscreen and have good footwear and rain gear when you go. Pack a lunch and or snacks and water, but please whatever you bring in, take it back out with you. We have a beautiful province and hope to see it stay that way - and it makes for better photos too!

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