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17 Comments | Report
hal-e PRO
hal-e July 10, 2016
Nice capture...indeed.
lee532 September 18, 2016
Thank you
GavinJduPlessis PRO+
GavinJduPlessis September 18, 2016
This is a really fantastic photograph! Excellent!!!
lee532 September 18, 2016
Thank you
MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle September 19, 2016
Congratulations on your winning photo. Nice...Very Nice
bridgetrendall November 19, 2016
Spectacular photo, captured amazingly.
MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle December 06, 2016
Congratulations on your winning photo. Great Capture. This picture is going to win a lot of contests!!!!!
lee532 December 07, 2016
Thank you Mike
BlairB December 30, 2016
jimhelmick January 02, 2017
Superb shot.
traceymcdonald May 16, 2017
adavies PRO
adavies February 02, 2018
Fantastic! :)
ActionPhotography_NH PRO+
ActionPhotography_NH February 15, 2018
Love the sharpness of the plane against the blurs & swirls of the air behind it
Cruiser48 Premium
Cruiser48 May 11, 2018
Stunning Photo...
MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle August 03, 2018
Congratulations on your amazing photo. Absolute masterpiece
markkrause PRO
markkrause August 10, 2018
Congratulations on this very fine winner!
maureenrueffer August 12, 2018
That’s awesome!
Rafaphoto PRO+
Rafaphoto August 13, 2018
chrisbelesis August 18, 2018
Very nice capture!
Cmayhem4 August 25, 2018
WOW what a great photo! I love the capture of the exhaust in the photo!

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Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, UK.
It was taken one afternoon as the crew were returning from a training mission and taxiing back to the squadron hangars.
The natural diffuse light of a partially cloudy day lit this scene, it emphasised the heat waves created by the running jet engines.
Nikon D610 with a Tamron 150-600mm lens at 600mm. I was stood outside the base and needed the reach of the long zoom to capture the image.
The power, speed, action and noise of a fast jet I find awe inspiring. When shooting these amazing machines I try to capture and portray as much of this drama as I can. The heat from the jet exhaust disturbing the air behind the aircraft, which at this point is moving slowly, I feel gives the viewer a hint of the power this aircraft has.
I processed this image to using Photoshop and Colour Effex 2. In Photoshop I cleaned the imaged, cropped and corrected the exposure levels, I used Colour Effex 2 to increase the local contrast and bring out the details of the heat haze.
In my camera bag
I now have a Nikon D500 as my go to body for aviation photography. The incredible 10fps and huge buffer mean I don't miss any of the action when shooting these fast moving subjects. A long lens is a must to get up close, I use the Tamron 150-600mm.
Fast moving jet aircraft require a fast shutter speed to capture the action, I normally set my shutter speed and aperture then leave ISO in auto to get my exposure correct. Smooth panning is also a skill that is required, I always practice this any chance I get.

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