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detlefrimkus August 24, 2016
Impressive landscape shot! Welcome to Viewbug, hope to see more soon!
geagaetanidaragona August 26, 2016
nice shot! welcome to vb :)
adavies August 31, 2016
Beautiful image! Nicely done! Welcome to ViewBug! Looking forward to seeing more!

Crimson Tower





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Behind The Lens

This picture has been captured in Hautes Savoie in the area of the Grand Massif.
I remember that day very well was the 02/07/2014 and was my first time i this amazing location. I was my friend we have hiked all the day under the rain until we have reached this amazing plateau. Everywere there was wild flowers but was raining so we have stopped in the local hut for a quick dinner then the sky started to clear. We have walked again under the black sky in the direction of the clearings and the magic is happened the light started to filter everywehere. The excitiment was at maximum levels and i have taken a lucky serie of shots including "Crimson Tower". This picture has been awarded with the Gold Medal in the Triereberg Super Circuit 2015.
I have moved a lot on the field because was the first time but my goal was to catch a good composition in this amazing alpine garden, shooting from various vantage point i have spotted this grass lines reflecting the light of the sunset to the other side of the mountain.
I Have used a D800 a Nikkor 14-24 a customezid Polarizer by Schneider Optics and a tripod Gitzo GT3542XLS
I was looking for the little-known alpine locations but tremendously epic like Lord of the Rings style , so looking on the web i have finded this amazing plateau and i have started to previsualize various shot that i have succesfully realized. The time of year was perfect to take with blooms to the maximum peak and the variability of the weather has played a decisive role .
This picture has been processed with my workflow that is based on various tecniques including luminosity masking color dodging, color grading and dodging and burning. The entire processing start to finish is available on my instructional video here www.enricofossati.it/instruction
In my camera bag
Well during my photo trekking i have always with me my D800 s Nikkor 14-24 24-70 and 70-200 F4 plus ND Filters and Polarizer by Lucroit plus Remote Control Spare batteries Many CF cards to be sure to have roomto store all my pictures and Gitzo Tripod with FLM Ball Head. For capture the most dramatic weather conditions i bring with me always a waterproof jacket and raincover for my camera and backpack.
I suggest to everybody to study in deep the location before going there, study the terrain the flowers the times of blooming how the light turn around the location in the chosen time of the year, where to sleep ecc. When you have a lot of information is more easy move in right place with the right light, my suggestion is to reach the location various hours before sunset to have the time to explore the best vantage points and catch a killer composition. I suggest avoid the sunrise if is the first time in the location, find a good composition in the dark is not always easy.

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