Tears of an Angel





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trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman June 19, 2016
So solemn and majestic. Lovely guardian
cmlppphotos PRO+
cmlppphotos June 19, 2016
Thanks Doris!!! Just beautiful and she is crying if we can just figure out how to post my story with this photo!!! Amazing work!!!
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman June 19, 2016
Just saw the story and photo posted...wonderful teamwork ladies
kathyk_abq June 19, 2016
Incredibly beautiful and moving, Doris!
nina050 PRO+
nina050 June 21, 2016
Plainly you are a creative genius! Tnis is another one for Awake!!
Mother_Nature June 21, 2016
Doris, great image-Emotive, creative and great edit-enjoy the Image within, as "Tears of an Angel" This heart knows.
mcampi PRO
mcampi June 25, 2016
Very powerful your edit is masterful
adriansart PRO+
adriansart July 01, 2016
Full of powerful emotions and highly charged Doris!
davidbidmead July 02, 2016
Awesome creation !! Love this..
A_B_digital PRO
A_B_digital July 02, 2016
Brilliant modelling, fantastic muted palette and a story told well. Another great image, Doris. Love it!
lizziemellis PRO+
lizziemellis July 24, 2016
I can feel the sadness..incredibly moving:-))
mihrt August 22, 2016
beautiful work once again Doris. I can see why the Angel weeps.

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