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2016 Rhode Island Air Show





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jimhelmick July 29, 2016
Beautiful capture.
taloska PRO+
taloska April 01, 2018
Thank you!!!
taloska PRO+
taloska June 20, 2018
Thank you all!

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Behind The Lens

Picture was taken at Rhode Island Air Show this year. For more information about it check here http://www.rhodeislandairshow.com/#!show-info/c10g7
Before noon
This day light was terrible. Cloudy day with a bit of humid but anyway I was surprised that so many pictures came out nice.
Taken with my Canon 5d Mark III, and 300mm f/2.8 lens.
It was nice trip from NYC. I traveled to visit our friend in CT so it was good chance to visit them on my way to RI. Air show is one of a kind experience, it's amazing to see all this talented pilots in big machines and feel this power and noise.
Picture edited in Photoshop CC
In my camera bag
I usually carry camera with Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8.. truly recommend this lens
In high speed you are able to catch the moment but real fun begins when you don't want to freeze propellers. Using a super fast shutter speed will freeze propellers and rotors, something that does not look good in aviation photos so try lower your speed (it can vary, between 1/125 and 1/500) to get a sharp image that just shows a slight blur on the moving parts. As you see I gave up for a moment and took it in high speed at 1/1600, but will try my best next time :-)

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