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pietnel May 13, 2017
Gorgeous shot beautiful woman

Anjelica Boudoir

This Boudoir Image was taken at the"Jade Hotel" in N.Y.C.

This Boudoir Image was taken at the"Jade Hotel" in N.Y.C.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken a in N.Y.C at the Jade Hotel in Chelsea. It is a great place to shoot when you are looking for an elegant art decor set up. Being that these rooms are very small, I went for the Penthouse suite on the 17th floor. A little pricey! but if you want something more than just a have to pay! Well worth it!
This photo was taken in the evening in November of last year. A great time to do a photo shoot in the city weather being cool and sky very clear.
The lighting I used in this photo were two 3ft x 2ft soft boxes one on each side of the model. The soft boxes were positioned close as possible to the model without getting in the picture and were positioned at 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock. My Nikon was set at ISO 12,800 / f22 Lens Nikkor 24-70mm to get the depth of field for the focused shot of the" Empire State Building"
My lighting equipment was the Profoto B2 portable lighting and 2 Profoto 3'x2' soft boxes. My camera is a Nikon D810 with the Nikkor lens 24-70mm.
What inspired me to take this photo is the love for Glamour, Fashion, Pinup and Boudoir photography.I wanted to do a Boudoir shoot that was much different from the standard Boudoir you see today. I searched for the right setting and model and I found "The Jade Hotel" and this Gorgeous Lady "Anjelica Gamboa" to be the Pinup Boudoir model to bring my vision of what I wanted to create come alive.
Not much on the post processing just a little photoshop for minor adjustments.
In my camera bag
What I normally carry in my bag are my 2 prime lenses the Sigma 50mm and the Nikkor 85mm and the zoom 24-70mm lens. May also carry speed flash Nikon SB-910 and Cactus flashes and gels. Always travel with the Profoto B2's and soft boxes and of course, my Nikon D810 camera.
Know what you want to create in the shot. Have a very creative vision of what the outcome is going to look like from the start. Look for the perfect location and model that will bring this vision alive. Patience, planning and a vision is everything when creating great works.Use the best equipment you can afford and keep it as simple as you can and do not be afraid to take chances and spend a little out of you pocket and you will go home with something very special at the end you can be proud of.

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