Breaking light... litterally

Breaking light... litterally
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itsmemacld July 08, 2016
Welcome to VIEWBUG! This is an environment for everyone who loves to share their photos. Enjoy your stay here. Keep posting! Keep sharing! HAVE FUN! Goodluck! :)
Joshlemen5 July 08, 2016
Thanks, you too

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Behind The Lens

In my studio space.
About 2:30
Not really, the color you see is genuine. I didn't use any modifiers or change the lighting in post.
Just my Canon T4i mounted on a tripod with a 50mm lens if I remember correctly. All the post production was done in photoshop.
My good friends were starting a production company and asked me to come up with a logo. They called it "Breaklight" so naturally my first thought was of a light bulb breaking.
Yeah, actually a lot of this one was done in post. The background and the bulb base were added in photoshop. The smoke, fire, lens flare, and glass are real though. I've had several people tell me that the flare in the smoke is their favorite part, but it was a complete accident.
In my camera bag
I normally have a mini tripod, my 50mm and 70-300mm lenses, a flash, led light block, lens cleaning kit, electrical tape, and of course my T4i
Don't electrocute yourself... seriously. I had to wire the socket into a porcelain base to stabilize the bulb, then I ran the plug to a surge protector which I used as the on/off switch. You also have to be quick on the draw, the filament only stays lit for a second or two before it burns out. I had the switch in one hand and had the other on the shutter release, but I still ended up using 3 bulbs before I got a usable shot.

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