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Rideau_Photography PRO
Rideau_Photography May 23, 2016
Great shot. Beautiful model
pietnel May 27, 2016
Wow fantastic super stunning image well done
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb May 31, 2016
all-time favorite ,amazing shot
Etna PRO+
Etna June 05, 2016
Beautiful shot
grunt16 October 15, 2016
nice B&W shot
danielclegg January 29, 2017
Where the fuck do you meet girls with a tattoo like this?
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken in my apartment in Amsterdam. After wanting to shoot art nude for more than a couple of years I finally took the plunge when I say one of my favorite models would be visiting the city the next day. I booked a 2 hour shoot to happen during my lunch break and told the boss I had to visit the bank!!
Shoot was on the 14 April during the middle of the day. Since Amsterdam apartments are quite dark inside this was a bonus as there was more light entering the windows, meaning I could shoot with a lower ISO for better quality shots
My intention was to shoot with the look of entirely natural light, however due to the limited light available in the apartment I had a remote flash bouncing light off the ceiling of the apartment to give a little 'fill'
I shot with a Nikon D600, Nikkor 50mm F1.8D, off camera SB910, hand held
I wanted to give a relaxed, 'waking up in the morning' feel to the shot. In this series my amazing model Naya Mamedova and I discussed her drinking coffee and watching the world go by on the canal outside. We shot numerous angles and went with the flow, here Naya is relaxed, confident and beautiful and completely 'at one' in the moment. To be honest I was still shaking with nerves as this was my first experience shooting a model and I had to really concentrate to keep the camera steady, the models effortless posing and calm professional demeanor helped a lot to calm my nervousness and get into the shoot. We had a very productive 2 hours.
I do my processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, generally with some basic levels adjustment, small vignette, straighten and crop off anything distracting in LR. Then export to PS for a curves adjustment to intensify the highlights and deepen shadows, frequency separation to sharpen details in the face and remove blemishes, and finally B&W conversion
In my camera bag
I like to work with primes and I never go anywhere without my niffty fifty, I also like to shoot my son playing in the park and take a 300mm to get candid shots without him noticing. I love the way these lenses can blow out the background to separate your subject.
I'm a member on model mayhem and signed up a couple of years ago with the intention of finding local models to practice with, in the end though I was too nervous to take the plunge for a long time. Then I found this feature that alerts you to models travelling through the city, who often want to do a shoot or two to pay for their trip. The very first time I looked I realised that Naya, a model I had admired in the portfolio of Yuri Brut, was arriving the next day, after a hour of deliberation I took the plunge and asked if she minded working with an amateur, and a complete novice when it comes to art nude. She was completely fine with it and without more ado the appointment was booked. Sometimes you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone and I'm thrilled that I took that opportunity, it was a great experience and revitalised my enthusiasm and creativity. I think it is important to select very well the model you work with, the difference between the good and the great will always be reflected in your work, Naya was the consummate professional and made my work easier and allowed me to focus on the technical aspects while effortlessly moving from pose to pose with little direction needed.

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