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From my shoot with exceptionally lovely model Ilvy. Thanks so much for this beautiful shoot :)

Instagram: @gregkirkpatrickphotography
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From my shoot with exceptionally lovely model Ilvy. Thanks so much for this beautiful shoot :)

Instagram: @gregkirkpatrickphotography
Many thanks for your votes, faves and comments, they are really appreciated :)

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love it\n
gregkirkydoodles August 25, 2022
Thank you :)
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Behind The Lens


Shot in my home studio in Amsterdam. I say home studio, but really I just moved the sofa and hung a piece of fabric from a couple of nails in the ceiling...a real 'on a budget' situation.


Time of day was irrelevant. We had to make this work regardless of the time of day due to not being able to use window light, more on that below..


Since we had painters on a scaffold working on the exterior of the apartment I had to close all the curtains to do art nude shooting, normally we would have done some natural light shooting too because I love that, but I knew it would be impossible. So I bought my first studio light, Profoto D2 1000 and a large beauty dish. Set up on a Manfroto boom. The order arrived late the day before, so I had almost no time to learn how to use it. This shoot was my first with this lighting set-up!


Nikon D600, Nikkor 50mm F1.8D, Profoto D2 1000 and a large beauty dish. All shots handheld


This was the second time I shot with lovely Ilvy Kokomo, and unfortunately she had been quite ill for several weeks and was still struggling with a nasty cough on the day. We decided to abandon the shower shoot we had planned, and make quite a relaxed shoot for her. As previously, we chatted a lot and worked at a moderate pace and really just had fun while developing the poses and situation. So this shot came really quite organically.


I work in Lightroom to adjust levels and do a bit of polishing in Photoshop, skin retouching and a little dodge and burn before returning to LR for a final tweak of the levels before output into colour and mono.

In my camera bag

Nikon D600, Nikon F5 (we did shoot some film during this shoot but I'm yet to get it processed) and a range of prime lenses. Most often shooting at 50mm or 85mm


Since this was my first foray into studio lighting, I kept it rather simple, single light, 45 degree left of the model and aiming down at about 45 degrees also. Since I don't have a light meter yet I just looked at the back of my camera and adjusted the power output of the light until satisfied with the results, then worked from there. I think the most important thing to consider after the technicalities is to have a good rapport with your subject, this will often bring results that cannot simply be achieved with solid technical know-how. I often start with a very general idea but let the shoot flow creatively from there with input from myself and the model until we start to hit the sweet spot.

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