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Daisy00 May 27, 2016
WOWW...awesome shot!! are these all yours? This would make a beautiful calendar!!!
trainwoman May 27, 2016
This is hard to believe....5 kittens sitting still. Great photo
Mirza_Cengic June 01, 2016
Thank you so much.
srba June 06, 2016
Mirza_Cengic June 06, 2016
Hvala .
julie_cavell June 09, 2016
Adorable image
Mirza_Cengic June 10, 2016
Thank you.
CWphotos5 July 16, 2016
How did you manage to get them all to look toward you! They are adorable, and it's a great shot!
Mirza_Cengic July 16, 2016
This is my magic ha,ha,ha
lizziemellis September 25, 2016
So cute ..love them all :-)
Mirza_Cengic September 27, 2016
Thank you again Lizzie. I'm glad you liked it:))
Chippa October 14, 2016
How did you get them to do that!!! It's adorable
Eduardbetz November 19, 2016
Beautiful light and beautiful kittens !
Mirza_Cengic December 09, 2016
Thank you so much.
KayBrewer December 16, 2016
love, love, love - adorable!
Mirza_Cengic December 16, 2016
Thank you so much Kay
loripeterson April 12, 2017
They are so adorable! I love them all!
Mirza_Cengic April 17, 2017
Thank you
LiveInspiredByBrenda October 15, 2017
Well done! I rarely love images of cats. I love cats but I feel like pictures of cats are way overdone. With that said, I don't pay too much attention to a lot of them but this one is spectacular! It's probably the first cat image I've ever loved.
LiveInspiredByBrenda October 15, 2017
Oh and great backlight!
Mirza_Cengic December 10, 2017
Thank you very much for nice comment Brenda:)

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