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Bear River...

Its so awesome to see water in our Cali Rivers!!
5-14-2016 Hwy 20, Ca
© 2016 All Rights Reserved Melissa Zahorodny Photography...
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Its so awesome to see water in our Cali Rivers!!
5-14-2016 Hwy 20, Ca
© 2016 All Rights Reserved Melissa Zahorodny Photography
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People's Choice in Small waterfalls Photo Challenge
Peer Award
ahuffaker markmahler harmeetsingh Ldytellis virgiljlee rhendricks Robin52665 +35
Absolute Masterpiece
MereLearner jlappen martincraigjones Banie Ambient360 martcar69 corydickinson +15
Superb Composition
micHELL666 markcote kahuamp Oyamam Badger_g_photography jwspray patgriffin +15
Top Choice
johnfantini Selswick STRETCH1969 IMIKEMEDIA noneoftheabove KEvanson Pauljeno +11
All Star
PhotosbyJLR bradnel loveMustangs chuckrickman mahamilton Dacemac CodyKoT +1
Magnificent Capture
RGHunt MsJudi p_eileenbaltz mjhousto mihrt davidbasson trainwoman
Outstanding Creativity
GigiJim08 erickgarza cathrynhardwick
Superior Skill
traceymcdonald SuzMDixon



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DeonHamilton May 15, 2016
Very nice Melissa you know i love this :-)
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman May 15, 2016
I can hear the sounds being made.......wonderful
oldgreybeard PRO
oldgreybeard May 15, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
oldgreybeard PRO
oldgreybeard May 15, 2016
Beautiful Melissa
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 May 15, 2016
Wonderful !
nina050 PRO+
nina050 May 15, 2016
kathyk_abq May 15, 2016
Lovely, lovely! I want to sit there next to it and feel the spray. Great job, Melissa! :)
mihrt May 15, 2016
I feel like I am looking at scenery in our backyard (almost - have to drive a bit) Beautiful work Melissa!!
KenBrakefield PRO+
KenBrakefield May 16, 2016
This is beautiful Cali girl.
mcampi PRO
mcampi May 16, 2016
This is killer. Darn VB took away genus from me. I love it.
HelenRea PRO+
HelenRea May 17, 2016
Gorgeous image...love it!
Mister_Zee May 19, 2016
Nice work! Lovely!
AnneDphotography May 22, 2016
gorgeous !!
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman May 24, 2016
mjhousto June 01, 2016
Beautiful shot of flowing water, Melissa! I love the color of the moss against the brown stone. Great job!
Bozzzzz July 04, 2016
Wonderful composition and execution on this fine shot!
jeffgauthier September 03, 2016
Wow! Beautiful capture!8
outside PRO+
outside January 13, 2017
WOW !!!!
martincraigjones PRO
martincraigjones May 20, 2017
Please consider joining my photo challenge: https:// viewbug.com/challenge/small-waterfall
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman June 27, 2017
..peoples choice on small waterfalls...happy happy
kathyk_abq June 27, 2017
Congrats on your award for small waterfalls, Mel! Big smiley face! ❤
Bazz PRO+
Bazz June 27, 2017
Congratulations on winning People's Choice in Small Waterfalls Photo Challenge for June, 2017! Well deserved.
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 July 24, 2017
Very beautiful place. Congratulations on your award!

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