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Largest Helichrysum

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Ranger7 Ultimate
Ranger7 August 14, 2016
A very nice flower photo. The major factor here is the fact that you were able to isolate it from its surroundings, which is a key feature of great flower photography.
naturisk PRO+
naturisk August 14, 2016
Just had a look at this image. I have another taken at the same time, the flower is smaller with a greater background. You actually can't see the backing in this shot, so sorry I wrote mistakenly.
Pjerry January 07, 2018
Thanks for joining my flower challenge
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Behind The Lens


I took this shot right on my front porch.


I don't remember, but it was most likely two to three in the afternoon.


Our house faces west, and the sun courses to the right of the house from the east (in back) to the sunset we see over our free space In the summer, the sun boils straight into the porch, lending stark contrast to any flower that I try to capture. I usually go manual and adjust my aperture lower during the summer for this reason, but in this case the flower just glowed in the sun and I took the shot on natural light setting, I think.


I had an older Fuji that, surprisingly, only gave me 10mp res. It was super awesome for macros, though. Sometimes a Fuji is splendid for fine close up work.


I record all of my flowers. The helichrysum was grown from seed. A helichrysum is called this because it's petals emulate the divine geometry of the sun. The sun is it's life. When it dries, it remembers the sun with great faith.


Amazingly, no.

In my camera bag

Tripod, batteries, a Fuji camera, a charger for the car, a rubber lens cleaner, a bandanna and sometimes a mini Canon.


Love it, use a tripod or steady your cam, make sure the sunshine is not whiting out your subject, if necessary, reduce your aperture for more lustrous, sensual contrast, and while living your growing subject, perhaps steady it's stalk with your fingers if you are taking a macro. It really helps. Shooting on a non windy day helps better!

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