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Pretty girl portait, ma to look like an album cover

Pretty girl portait, ma to look like an album cover
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RamyDelariarte June 10, 2018
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Behind The Lens

It was taken in a photoshoot for a tattoo calendar, in which month we featured a tattoo style with a different girl, despite that this image was not a part of the shoot, but a side photo taken while testing light, I found it great and proceed to use it in my portfolio
It was early afternoon in a cowork building that was mostly empty in the weekend, I don't have a studio, no way to pay one so I make it using the ambient around me, any white wall...
Simple homemade beauty dish, made from a plastic bowl with a plastic dish on top, painted white with silver foil inside, with a system to secure it to a tripe and a mobile flash, there's always a way to make expensive guest with household items like a smooth made with a cilinder like a tube is Pringles filled with black straws inside, give it a try.
My trusty Olympus em5, a zuiko 50mm 2.0 and fl-50 r flash with antennas. Oh and the homemade beauty dish.
Well as I said before it was a side photo of a shoot, maybe even a test photo, but the Brazilian girl had such a fierce and carefree attitude and really have me her all that I tried to capture that, I always love of shoots photos because people tend to be more natural, so sometimes I am working the light and point the camera to the model, no warning, and they just answer naturally, provoking, flirting, joking, laughing, it feels so natural
Yes beside the obvious black and white to give it a grungy rebel feel with high contrast, I did some Dodge and burn to really push tridimensionality and contrast, and some skin cleaning
In my camera bag
A lot of homemade stuff, like snoots for flash, a reflector, plastic bags can make a quicker softbox, tape, tweezers...
Be creative and look for pictures even outside the "shoot" even if not worthy for the shoot, maybe it can get in your portfolio or as a reward for the model, so they will appreciate your gesture, if you can bring a Polaroid camera and give them one as a memento, shoots are not only work, but fun times between people that love what they do, get along, have fun, make some friends

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