Caribou Reflections

A seasonal lake in the Caribou Wilderness Area in Northern California.

A seasonal lake in the Caribou Wilderness Area in Northern California.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the Caribou Wilderness Area in Northern California. About 20,546 acres encompass the Caribous. This has always been one of my favorite wilderness areas. The granite and lava rock in the area make for stunning photographs next to the lakes. The Caribous is next to Lassen Peak which erupted on May 30, 1914 spewing great chunks of volcanic rock about the area. The land has since recovered a bit. This eruption created numerous small lakes that you can't see from the trail. When one wanders off the trail it is amazing what you find. This small pond is one of those treasures. This happens to be a year round pond. It is completely sheltered from the wind which allowed me to photograph the reflections.
I had started my hike about 7 am. This unnamed lake is about 4 miles in, so needless to say, this photo was taken at the peak of the day! The tree cover allowed me to photograph at this time. Most lakes that are out in the open are not photo worthy at that time of the day.
I love reflections on water. The stillness of the water coupled with the light diffusion from the trees gave me a photographic opportunity that I couldn't pass up! In fact, if it hadn't been the peak of the day, the lighting may have been too dark to capture the reflections.
I shot this photo with my Olympus OMD E-5 camera with it's stock 18-55 lens. I always use a Circular Polarizer on my water shots. Since I hike and backpack, my tripod is an ultralight Zomei.
Hands down, it was the reflections that caught my eye. Then the rocks and logs that make up this little slice of heaven! I endeavored to capture the raw beauty and unspoiled beauty this lake possessed.
I try not to do too much post processing to my photos. I try to capture the best photo in camera that I can. On this particular photo I brightened some shadows and bumped up clarity and saturation a bit. The rest was already there!
In my camera bag
My bag has expanded in the last couple of months. In addition to the EM-5 camera with kit lens, I have an Olympus OMD 5 Mark II with a 7-14mm lens, assorted filters, my intravolometer and several batteries!
I think the advice I would give a person trying to capture a similar shot would be to go off the beaten path. Everyone stays on the trails and there are probably tons of photos out there of those particular areas. To capture something new and different you have to think outside the box! Explore and be curious......you just never know what you might discover!

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