A Clever Place To Hide

Snail Seeking Shelter

Snail Seeking Shelter
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Behind The Lens

Along the San Francisco Bay's east shoreline there are a myriad of trails to explore the waterfront, this image was taken on one of them.... taken just off the beaten path...
Snails are nocturnal so I certainly wasn't expecting to spot any, as this photo was taken during the late afternoon-early evening hours. Luckily for me, this little one was tucked away hiding in plain sight and sleeping quite safely.
Evening was drawing close and I didn't want to miss the sunset. Thankfully the ambiance of the sky added to the moment with a rich natural glow bringing fabulous golden tones to the image.
Handheld shot, laying flat on the ground. Camera: DMC-FZ70 Aperture: f/2.8 ISO: 100 Shutter Speed: 1/800 Focal Length: 358/100
I wanted to catch the sunset, which is an evening must- and found myself mesmerized by this mushroom, which was growing along the pathway. I discovered the snail quite serendipitously! Once I saw the mushroom, I wondered if I could get below it. I got down on the ground flat to find the right angle and was awe struck when I spotted my new friend...
I don't shoot RAW but sometimes I'll adjust landscape or nature images in photoshop when I add my signature/watermark. Having said that, on this day I edited some images to black & whites but ultimately decided the camera got the colors just right with this photo.
In my camera bag
I'm a mom and thus outdoor enthusiast when it comes to having active little ones, so I typically just grab my (Panasonic) FZ70 and go! It's got manual controls and is simple to bring along in my backpack. I almost never use a tripod unless it's night and I have plenty of time to focus on an image. I enjoy being on the fly, sometimes shooting as I ride my bike but usually I'm hiking and my camera is in hand. I move so fast and fluctuate so quickly between my search for insects/far off wildlife that I almost never bring my SLR... Maybe when the children get older and my adventures slow down a bit.
Get to know your surroundings over a period of time whenever you can. You'll notice every subtle change in a relatively short span. Once you see what light is most favorable, or when the people/animals you're interested in are most active... you'll become the only story teller noting incredibly intimate moments in time. When it comes to plants, get down underneath them, look at the silhouette they create against different skies, and most of all, look for insects and animals in every nook and cranny because they are waiting to surprise you!

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