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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a Barefoot competition in Moorebank NSW Australia.
I had been to this event many years ago when I was using a film camera a (Contax RTS) loved that camera it never let me down, I still have it although is sits among some vintage cameras I have as a display. Once digital cameras took off I gave away photography for a number of years as I could not afford the outlay to replace by beloved Contax. I was given a Canon 1100D as part of a computer rental scheme and I was once again hooked, I purchased a second hand Canon7D & 5D with a selection of lens. I simply can't believe how easy photography has become from the countless hours I spent in the darkroom developing film & photos. Once I was comfortable with the new cameras I then started actively looking for event to photograph, this to has become easy if your on Facebook. This was the second jumper that day taken on a gloomy Saturday morning, I was the only photographer there and got myself a prime position.
I considered lighting and position when I arrived onsite, after watching the first jumper I considered a number places and did try some other locations but found this to be best spot, would struggle with the sun in the afternoon so morning only.
Canon 7D with a 70-200 2.8 lens, monopod and photography stool.
I remembered this event for many years ago and I was able to capture the jumpers in mid flight, they look spectacular then and they look spectacular now. The water trail, look on the jumpers face has all the makings of a great shot.
No....what you see is what I took, I try not to do too much post processing, I only know the basics which I think sometimes is a good thing over processing photos takes away your photography skills.
In my camera bag
Always have 3 cameras 7D, 5D & 1100D lens depends on what I am shooting 28-105, 70-200, 85, 18-55 if I am shooting the Rugby I will have 150-500 on the 7D and the 70-200 on the 5D. I carry too much stuff always have....
Know your event.....That's the best advise I could give someone, I like to shoot sports important you know the game your shooting so you can pre-empt what is going to happen and where it is likely to happen, Barefoot jumping you know where they are jumping from, and where they are going to land so work out what your looking for in a shot, be mindful however if your shooting the landing zone they are going to have their eyes closed. If shooting the rugby I like to position myself behind the try line, anything beyond the 22m line I use the 150-500, between the 22m and the try line I use the 70-200. Always look out for other photo opportunities, when I am shooting ski races I am always on the look out for old trees, birds etc.

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