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catherinethompson PRO
catherinethompson July 20, 2016
Brilliant capture. I do love capturing flowers and this one is beautiful. Love it.

Behind The Lens

This shot was taken in my front garden in Sydney Australia. I had been watching the flowers bloom over two days and felt the time was right.
Morning light in Australia is always interesting depending on the time of year can really add to the shot.
You really need to keep your eye on the lighting down here the same photo will take a number of different demission's in the early hours, late afternoon will also add some amazing glow depending on the time of year and location.
Canon 5D, 28-105mm lens no tripod for this shot, or flash everything was just at the right time right place.
The colours were my inspiration, Frangipanes come in a number of different colours yellow's into pink really caught my eye
I am not a big fan of post process, I like to show the photo as how I remembered it all too often photos are over processed and far to often colours are over manipulated.
In my camera bag
Like just about every photographer I carry too much equipment some of which I had never really used. Because of travel commitments I had had to rethink what I pack and how I pack. If I am shooting sport: 3 camera bodies, 4 lens 70-200-150-650-28-105 & 10-20. If I am travelling it's just 1 body normally the 5D and 2 lens 28-105 & 10-20.
The best advise I could ever give someone is: look at as many angles of the same subject as you can, sometimes you don't have that luxury, if I am shooting sport there is always something else to shoot keep your eyes and options open, watch the weather, clouds, people, do some research know what you are shooting and try to pre-empt 3 moves ahead, have a target zone.

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