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Behind The Lens

This was one of several lights outlining our driveway
About 8 pm in the evening. Night photography was the theme for the photography club I had joined. I was practising night shots. Walking home down the driveway the spokes of light caught my eye. I just had to get a shot of the pattern of light and the light itself. I set up the tripod and camera and proceeded to capture the scene.
The light pattern caught my eye. The moment was unexpected and I wanted to exploit it to the maximum. To capture the beauty as I saw was my only intent. I used no other light effects, it was a moonless night and no streetlights intruded.
I used a tripod Velbon cx 440 a timer remote control TC 252 RS 1 Panasonic camera: lumix DMC FZ50. At this time I was a photographic novice.
The unusual light effect, the perfect pattern, combined with the desire to compare well with my fellow members was my inspiration. The moment was so unplanned, so in the moment, I still feel surprised that I felt I had to capture the image.
There was no post-processing of the image. The image is straight from the camera.
In my camera bag
I carry minimal equipment so I can travel light. Weighted down with gear is not my idea of a good trip. Wherever I go my Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ50 goes with me. I carry a Raynox DCR-5320 Pro High Definition macro conversion lens. A tripod, a glass sphere.
Patterns in light, buildings and nature catch my eye. I find myself searching for a pattern in most things. Light, of course, creates patterns in nature and buildings. There is a need to be continually aware of one's surroundings. I challenge myself constantly to see with different eyes, remembering the unexpectedness of which 'Night Shots 1' arose.

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