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IsabelSwanepoel December 30, 2015
Eduard_Gorobets December 30, 2015
Thank you
FeatherstonePhotography PRO+
FeatherstonePhotography January 04, 2016
Minimalism at its best....lovely gallery overall. You have created a signature style which is not so easy these days!
Eduard_Gorobets January 06, 2016
onyanita PRO+
onyanita January 06, 2016
gorgeous image
Eduard_Gorobets January 06, 2016
Thank you very much
ArturRydzewski February 13, 2016
Congratulations on winning the "Snail or shell" Challenge!
Eduard_Gorobets February 14, 2016
A lot of thanks
nina050 June 18, 2016
LOVE this!
Eduard_Gorobets June 23, 2016
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Behind The Lens

Photograph taken on the Gulf of Tabasalu, on the outskirts of Tallinn.
This photograph was taken in the Blue Hour. More precisely at 19:26 August 23, 2014.
I was lucky to have a soft light with variable cloudiness. When the reflected light of the setting sun colored the water in a golden hue.
Camera Nikon D5100, AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm 3.5-5.6G ED VR, the Vanguard Alta Pro tripod. Since the light was quite a lot I used aperture f/18 and the ND filter B + W 1,8 (64x). This allowed me to get a shutter speed of 25 seconds. Remote control cable was also used.
I like to experiment with long exposure. In this case, I would like to have got an object which lying on the "frozen" water. I needed that water be evolved into the glass. As such a object, I used the shell, which I brought from the home. I hope I got it not bad. Although not from the first time.
I always use the Post-processing for RAW files. In this case, I corrected: tonal contrast, white balance, chromatic aberration, also (software) gradient filter to darken the bottom of the picture. All post-processing I do in the Aperture. I try to change the setting not more than 5-10%.
In my camera bag
My bag resembles a ladies handbag: it's all there but not possibly to find. Joke. In my bag is always: the remote control cable, the flash SB 700, filter set (the ND 2, polarizing and gradient), Nikkor 18-300 mm (on this lens is made that photo), Nikkor 18-55 mm. Recently, there is "settled" Nikkor 10-24 mm. Spare batteries, Lenspen, flashlight, spare memory card. Apart the bag I was always accompanied by the tripod. Sometimes I even take with me the Nikon D5100 camera. Again joke. It is always there.
For this photo I needed, a balance between strongly closed diaphragm plus filters to reduce the amount of light and to increase the shutter speed from one side. And the presence of a lot of soft light on the other hand. The best solution "Blue hour". Another thought: The more narrowly to make the goal - the better photo will be released. That is, if I know exactly what I want, then I start to think how to do it. I do not want to take a picture of just the shell. I want to take a picture of a shell in the scattered, soft light. Without harsh shadows. It should be on the water and water should be as glass. And it's not in the studio and outdoors. From my experience shamanistic dances with a tambourine, ancient runes and mantras are not helping. You need a lot of practical experiments. To make this picture, I came to a place four times: there is no water - ebb, or bad light, or I forgot why I had come :). Also in my case, the depth of water in the scene was approximately 40 centimeters. To shell was on the surface of the water, I had to build a mound of sand under it. Please sorry for poor English.

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