Female Blue Wren





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CassaraHealey PRO+
CassaraHealey December 21, 2015
Beautiful photo, I would love if you submitted it to my challenge!

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at a Dog Beach in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
I took the photo at around midday, when little birds often fly out to sit on the fences along the path.
For this photo, I was using manual mode, as I had wanted a slightly underexposed image. This not only helped me take a more artistic photo, it helped me compensate for the lack of sunlight. I set the exposure down by setting a faster shutter speed, making the photo darker and reducing blur.
I used an Olympus SP-100EE to take the photo, and didn't use any other equipment.
I am constantly looking for little creatures, especially birds, to take photos of. As soon as I saw this blue wren, I shot the photo straight away. I wanted to capture the contrast between the colourful bird and Australian flora and the man-made fence.
The only post-processing I did for this image was turning up the contrast a little, in order to create more of a constrast between the man-made and the wild.
In my camera bag
I always carry around one or two spare SD cards, and that's all I had in my bag.
When capturing photos of wild animals, I suggest refraining from looking at the animal, as humans are one of the animals with the most white of their eyes showing, meaning it is obvious exactly what you are looking at. If you look away from the animal as you walk towards it, as if you were just walking past it, it will be much less likely to run away. Other than that, always look for interesting angles and heights to take your photo from, aiming for it to be more original.

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