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Woohoo! Got a peanut!





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julie_cavell December 19, 2015
Ahh he looks so happy. Great shot love it.
trainwoman PRO
trainwoman December 19, 2015
Superb capture........
julie_cavell January 19, 2016
Very cute and really well shot
julie_cavell January 19, 2016
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grivasanrajan January 21, 2016
super feeling ... i get to know squirrel can smile....!!
KatieMcKinneyPhotography PRO+
KatieMcKinneyPhotography January 22, 2016
Haha this is amazing! Brilliant timing on this! Congrats on being awarded!
JDLifeshots January 22, 2016
Great capture! Congrats.
kodadog January 29, 2016
brill picture
donnakaywatson February 21, 2016
adorable, look at that big smile!
aaronletcher2 February 23, 2016
So cute!
Monopolitan March 01, 2016
How did you make it? Did you tell a joke? :)
onyanita PRO+
onyanita April 05, 2016
ha ha what a great smile you caught Wish we had them here.
ela_v February 07, 2018
Amazing moment!

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the cabin in the Laurentians just north of Montreal.
I remember chilling out in front of the cabin in the early afternoon when I spotted this little fellow scampering about in the woods.
The lighting was dappled through the trees so I decided to lay a trail of peanuts to lure him to a sunnier spot on top of some rocks. It took a while but he finally made it over to the lighter area and that's when I took the shot.
Canon 5D Mark II with 70-200mm f 2.8 handheld, no flash.
I went up north to relax and enjoy nature and brought my camera with the intention of photographing hummingbirds, insects and flowers. I hadn't initially thought of taking photos of chipmunks but they are so cute it was impossible to resist.
Post processing was minimal; increased exposure and contrast, opened up the shadows a bit with a slight crop.
In my camera bag
I normally carry one camera body. At the time it was the canon 5D Mark II, with my canon 70-200mm F2.8 as well as the canon 24-105mm f4; the 2x and 1.4x teleconverters; kenko extension tubes, and the canon 500D close-up lens.
The one tip I would give is to have lots of patience and wait for the subject to become comfortable with your presence and the sound of the camera. I don't go up to the cabin often so sometimes it takes a few days for the hummingbirds and other wildlife to approach as they can be very timid.

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