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Self portrait.
Project about myself.
First analysis of what i and people see looking at me.
What is the point of looking your best, whethe...
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Self portrait.
Project about myself.
First analysis of what i and people see looking at me.
What is the point of looking your best, whether actually you're not disclosing yourself?

Self-portrait is our inner image, private and therefore one of the more difficult exercises. It is the creative process that allows a reflective dialogue with ourselves, determined by our sensitivity. This is the first self-portrait I do, due to the singular sensitivity in dealing with my image, determined by the difference between my inner and outer that returns the mirror. I've photograph myself, being able to see firsthand how it feels to have a camera pointed at you, in fact being always behind the camera, which is a safe place, you are disposed to forget how can be scary being on the other side. A good level of trust between the subject portrayed and the photographer is essential whenever we proceed with the portraiture of people, and this was the starting point, only this time I had to do it myself. I was curious to know how I am seen by the outside world, and introducing myself in an as real as possible way, because the purpose is not to look good, but to capture myself in my authenticity to express my interiority in the best way. I tried then to provide the eyes of others a true and fair view. This photograph represents me observed from different points of view. What I have tried to create is an image which simplifies the forms and suggests a reading of reality in the key of volume and multiplies the points of view whereby the subject represented is observed. Photograph yourself means self-represent yourself and, therefore, observe, study yourself and try to self-judge you, but in the same way to tell us for what we are and, and wanting to do this work truthfully the postproduction has been minimized. The choice of using color is due to the same reason. All the surfaces frame each one a different point of view, to facilitate the viewer, watching the picture, to make a kind of virtual journey. Chiaroscuro elements are given by light and shadow and by the study of the composition. The faceted images of me aim to reveal myself as emotionally, complex and real, as a person made by feelings. I used a neutral background, paying attention to the direction and quality of light, strictly natural, so as not to distract attention from the subject, myself. The composition is organized in every detail, because every single photograph is aimed to getting analyze every part of the face, starting from the detail to get then to the perception of the total through an inductive study, aimed to not reaching in advance conclusions due to preconceived hypothesis . The same inductive method, according to which, in my opinion, every person should approach to the other, without preconceptions.

©Tutti i diritti riservati - Giorgia Colletti
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joeMedrek August 17, 2019
Confused Thinking
rachxedge August 30, 2020
I love this 😍
myaleighhyatt April 01, 2022
So cool!
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