Staff Winter Selection 2015
Peer Award
DavePerozzi Noleezie Parsons jeffbelo PixelsByLaura photoABSTRACTION PepperMendez +74
Superb Composition
elenabrioni jayholm lulubecdubois VelvetVixenV tomroether clairemalla LynMichael +68
Top Choice
cometolifephotography Gayle_Solis harryenderby TOBLER patrickcoughlin Jonny_Saunders Avedagirl +42
Outstanding Creativity
MarkMesh atreyuchakrabarty Not_home Moorthy Confalonieri peterdragn joestanley +34
Absolute Masterpiece
ErnieF Pakhomova LittleBitCountry jleosadauskas leonagibbs thepapertrail Pthorson +30
Magnificent Capture
BarbsT Beegirl baybig bobrgallegos PaKinder malread BuffaloCreekArtStudio +9
Superior Skill
WBVPhotography mariadel EloIm schnetzky lhartney Purplesage57 VanderblackStudios +8
All Star
KEvanson CallmeMarta sallyG11 Annis DaggiM screamingjennie normsfotos +6
Love it
shagtym Ezzy



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Covers Photo Contest Vol 37Top 10 class
Covers Photo Contest Vol 37Top 10 class week 2
Macro Masterpieces Photo ContestTop 10 class
Macro Masterpieces Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Covers Photo Contest Vol 37Top 10 class week 1
My Best Winter Shot Photo ContestTop 30 class
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 4Top 20 class
Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 4Top 10 class week 1


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JCOOK3 November 09, 2015
Great macro shot
onyanita PRO+
onyanita November 10, 2015
beautiful light, clarity and tones
marilenavaccarini PRO
marilenavaccarini November 13, 2015
great macro
nina050 PRO+
nina050 November 17, 2015
Great shot!
Coveboy53 December 06, 2015
so sharp it looks like glass, well taken and composeed
ellenellen PRO+
ellenellen December 08, 2015
Lovely shot

Behind The Lens

=== Please excuse my English as it is my second language ===== This photo was taken at a bushveld lodge in South-Africa (The Waterberg Game Park). I just love nature and everything about it, even the bugs and the dust. We are very fortunate to live in South-Africa as we have nature on our doorstep the whole time.
I love photos with detail and the only time you can truly see a object is if you take a macro photo of it. We (my husband, daughter and I) usually get up before sunset and then walk to a spot where we think the photo oppertunities will be the best. This photo was taken on our way back to the lodge . It was very cold, being winter, and still very early in morning before the sun could melt the dew drops from the previous night. I had to get on my knees and elbows to get to this angle.
Get up early in the morning. The light is just pristine. And worth the effort every time.
This was shot with a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V. I know, not a real camera and I am not a real photographer ;-) but I just adore my camera. I have since upgraded to the HX400V and is now more in love than ever. The beauty of the camera is that you can switch from landscapes to macros in a milli-second. My husband has a Nikon and is forever changing lenses. I just frame and shoot.
I am forever taking photos. I am always trying to find a photo everywhere.
On this photo I only cropped it a little bit.
In my camera bag
My camera being a point-and-shoot digital camera doesn't need a lot of gadgets. I do have a couple of filters and then extra memory cards and battery chargers.
Don't be afraid to sit on your bum or lie on your stomach to take a photo. Try every angle and don't be afraid to experiment. It doesn't cost you any money to develop a photo so take as many as you can. You can easily delete the ones that doesn't work but you can never go back and take the same photo twice.

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