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Captured-by-Carol Premium
Captured-by-Carol November 19, 2015
Amazing image,
Triplea PRO
Triplea December 06, 2015
Beautiful, creates a great atmosphere.
danpark December 08, 2015
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vojce PRO
vojce January 04, 2016
JGemplerPhotography January 05, 2016
Such simple beauty! Well captured!

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at Firestone Country Club in Akron Ohio. I Combined my 2 favorite pastimes. Golf and Photography!
The photo was taken at 7:00am just before the sunrise.
As all landscape photographers know the time to take pictures at sunrise and sunset so called the golden hours when the light is ideal.
I used my Nikon D750 with the 16-35mm f/4 Nikon wide angle lens. For this 0.4 sec shutter shot I use a tripod but I didn't have it. So the next best thing was to brace the camera on a rock.
I love the sunrise. The pond was so still and peaceful with the mist arising.
I do my post processing in Lightroom. It is rare to not process landscape photos because the camera usually balances the light and color. It does not do justice to the actually subtle colors that you see at sunrise. I processed for contrast to bring out the mist and boosted the colors to intensify the golden tint of the sunrise. This one did not require any graduated filters, but I normally apply to my photos.
In my camera bag
Nikon D750, Normal Zoom 24-70mm F/2.8, Wide Zoom 14-24mm f/2.8 Wide Zoom 16-35mm f/4 (when I need to use filters), Fisheye 12mm f/2.8 Samyang, 50mm f/1.4 for hand held night shots. Wired and wireless remote trigger, 10-stop ND Filter, 3 - 8 stop variable ND filter, and I usually have my carbon fiber tripod with me.
Timing is everything in photography. Aside from losing some sleep for sunrise shots, there are certain general techniques that I believe in for landscape shots. Of course we can always shoot raw and post process digital photos but I believe lousy photos process lousy, but starting out with proper setting will go along way to produce professional shots. 1) Sharpness- Must be intentionally focused on the subject and usually through out the frame. If lighting permits, use manual focus. 2) Use the lowest ISO setting on your camera. I normally keep it at ISO100 unless it cannot be done due to other factors being more important. You will have less grain and better results in post processing 3) Use the highest Depth of Field. Usually at least f/8 to f/16 (depending on lens). This keeps landscape photo sharp throughout. 4) Shutter speed depends on the lighting and movement you want to convey and whether you have a tripod on hand. 5) Use a tripod whenever possible. It's a hassle to carry it I know, but if you are serious about getting the best possible photo in all light, it is a requirement. 6) Overall- take the time to get the composition right. In general, use the rule of thirds.

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