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GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 January 17, 2016
Really fantastic color rendition here. and the details are really fantastic!
Toddg PRO+
Toddg June 03, 2016
Great color and light. Nice balance of light and shade
glenedwardlachance July 09, 2016
Great shot!!
MuhammedSidan April 16, 2017
catherinethompson PRO
catherinethompson June 09, 2017
Beautiful. Sharp and so colourful.
julierit2007 Mar 16
Some of my favorite shots are ones with a large subject that includes small interesting surprises like the little bugs pictured here. Love this!

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo right outside my front door in Kelowna BC Canada. We sold our home a couple of years ago and moved into our motor home and have been travelling ever since. I was busy taking photos of all different subject matter with my cheap tiny digital camera. My wife said she thought I had natural talent for taking pictures so two years ago bought me a more advanced camera. I have been taking pictures daily while out on walks with my dog and loving it. I am a self taught photographer plus I have taken three online coarses to increase my knowledge of the operation of my camera.
I had just returned home from a walk in the mid afternoon on a late summer day when the big sun flowers growing across the road caught my eye. This particular flower had amazing color and I was hoping to be able to capture it. I decided to try learning how my macro lens worked and was not overly aware of the two bees on the flower. My goal was to capture a perfectly focused flower.
The natural lighting could not have been better for this shot. Not wanting any shadows on the flower and enough light to enhance the natural colors was what I was striving for. Lucky for me the sun was at the perfect angle to achieve this.
My camera is by far not an expensive professional camera but it does allow me to take some amazing shots. It is a Canon Rebel T5 the lens used for this particular picture was a Canon 18-55 macro. Not having a tripod at this time my camera was hand held and numerous pictures at different angles helped me aquire this beautiful shot.
My wife had asked me to take some really good flower photos so she could use them to paint from. I had been been taking a multitude of various types of flowers but always was particularly fond of sunflowers . When I saw the magnificent colors in this flower I just knew I had to get a really good photo.
My wife has the better eye in editing any of my pictures. The only thing done to this photo was cropping it. To my delight when the picture was enlarged it revealed the two bees on the flower. This was a bonus to how sharp the photo was in giving such clarity to the subject and allowing the bright colors to flow through it leaving me with the precise photograph I wanted to capture.
In my camera bag
My photography equipment is not vast. When I go out to do my shoots I have my Cannon Rebel T5 , Cannon macro 18-55 mm and Cannon EF 75-300 mm zoom lenses and now my tripod to enable me to take clearer shots. These items along with my bottle of water and my faithful dog we stumble through many a miles to find our next perfect shots.
A person should take the time to familiarize themself with their equipment and how to utilize it in different situations for the unlimited number of photo subjects available. Find you nitch, discover what you absolutely love to photograph and hone in on developing your unique style in photographing your subject. Be it landscaping, macro, nature, human photography or somewhere in between, relax, take thousands of pictures, experiment and use your imagination. It's your photo and you can make it look like anything you want it to, think outside the box. Don't forget to look for any hidden gems in a photo so many times you can find one. Make it a habit to enlarge your photos, you can be well rewarded by doing this. What every photographer will tell you take multitudes of shots and somewhere in those will be the perfect photo for you. Best of all have fun.

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