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Inside Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ copy

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rikvandenhurk January 11, 2016
Hope to shoot some nice pictures overthere in the futere, so mystical
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Behind The Lens


Upper Antelope Canyon near Page, Arizona


Approximately noon


Nothing special as I was with a group and needed to keep moving. It must have been high noon otherwise the light would not shine through.


Canon Powershot S20 2X optical zoom


Showed the natural light coming thru the top of the canon and as you can see canyon walls are very close together.



In my camera bag

Just my Canon Powershot, extra batteries of course, cleaning cloth for lens


Sometimes you're just in the right spot at the right time, but I started just shooting everything around me and till this day, I don't look for something special to shoot. I always find something, wherever I am to shoot! You just might surprise yourself!

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