The Boss

Lady in b-w with smoke.. kind of gangster like ;)

Lady in b-w with smoke.. kind of gangster like ;)
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juliebush November 03, 2015
Love the lighting in this image.
jamiecameron November 03, 2015
thank you :)
paigephotography November 08, 2015
Beautiful body language. Very...dark and sexy kind of feel to it. A feeling where you almost do not want to mess with her. It is awesome. Tells a great story.

I have this challenge called Emotional Body Language. Not sure if I told you of it or not, but I will tell ya now. It is for people and animals so it is open to lots of things. I am looking for photos that tell a story, such as this one, with the body language, the facial expression, the emotion, etc.....

I would love it if you entered if you have not already.
jimhelmick November 08, 2015
Beautiful model. You are correct, no doubt about who the boss is. LOL
Shane136 November 14, 2015
Very nice indeed, well taken
gajet123 November 17, 2015
Nice work!
pietnel November 20, 2015
beautiful pix lovely model
tetvet PRO+
tetvet November 21, 2015
nice job, great lighting
MD_Schloer PRO+
MD_Schloer November 27, 2015
Fantastic Lighting and Mood! Excellent work.
tomhays December 02, 2015
That is a great shot
saptakjoy December 04, 2015
Awesome composition..........
Excellent use of light created the real mood of the photography.....Great work
18ricco PRO+
18ricco February 11, 2016
love it the pose the black n white effect and the pose great grab!!!!
hanzz59 April 14, 2017
Identity001 July 21, 2017
For me, this image has been a model if inspiration for nearly 2 years of my life I just want you to know that.

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Behind The Lens

In my home studio
Around 7pm.. it was an evening shoot after she got off work
2 off camera flashes, with umbrella's
Canon with a Sigma 24-70mm lens. 2 off camera flashes, and a tripod was used in this shot
Her outfit and the chair at hand. Makes her seem in control. More so in the B/W shot.. She sat with a cigarette in hand, "she does not smoke" And i saw opportunity right away. So i did no coaching in the shot. I only caught the moment as it happened
skin softening and converting to b/w was the major processing with this photo
In my camera bag
everything that will fit.. that i may be using for the type of shoot i am doing that day.. 2 or 3 lens, 2 camera's. a reflector or 2, hand full of stands. a soft box, 2 or 3 flashes, lots of batteries.. i usually have more then required. But better to have it then regret you took it
Learn to control your lighting.. Lighting is a huge part of photography, And i see a lot of new photographers not having the knowledge of using it properly, if at all. weather natural or added light. If your lighting is not right the picture looks unprofessional. Like music. everyone has their own taste on whats good or whats bad. In processing there really is not a right or wrong, it is personal preference, some with love your work. others with not. But with lighting. Its a must learn in this profession..! Personal opinion ;)

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