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Shades Of Orange Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1


Behind The Lens

This photo has been take at the Kauniainen railway station in Finland. An area the I don't know very well.
I had left the office and I was on my way to home on a bus. During the trip the sun was setting and the light was improving minute by minute. When the bus turned to the road towards Kauniainen the Sun was just about to disappear behind the buildings coloring the sky orange. I had to step out and start shooting. After the Sun was down behind the horizon I moved to the railway station to get a better view.
What you can really say. A sunset light as good as it gets.
I used Canon 5D mk II camera with Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens. The camera was hand held.
At the center of Kauniainen there is very little to shoot the railway station been an exception. The rails happened to point directly to the direction of the setting sun. A sunset lid train sounded like a shot worth trying. Luckily one train arrived from the right direction at the right time.
The image was captured in RAW and edited in Lightroom.No magic tricks just basic editing to fully utilized the dynamics of the capture.
In my camera bag
The gear the I normally carry with me just like on that day is Canon 5D mk II, 15mm fisheye, 50mm, and 135mm lenses. My choice for mobile camera in Lumia 950 XL.
The advantage of shooting add-hock in areas you don't know very well is that you cannot do too much pre planning. Anything can happen. For the same reason the risk is that nothing happens. You just keep walking around searching better and better spots instead of taking pictures. Here is what I do in those situations: I set my self some quick targets for the kind of photos I want to capture then I work towards those targets. I only change the targets if conditions change too much e.g. the Sun gets hidden behind the clouds. Has this method guaranteed great shots? No. But it surely has improved the results.

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