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wesleyeric September 23, 2015
mauritius island :) caudan nice

Behind The Lens

The photo is from a waterfront shopping and leisure complex in the harbour of Port Louis in the island of Mauritius
Around midday
I used natural sunlight and no special filters or settings
Canon 6d with standard 55-70mm lens
It was unusual to see a display of umbrellas like this and thought that it would make a good image
As the umbrellas were all different colours i thought it would be nice to make it a black and white photo , I then decided that to make a bold statement in the photo I would add back some colour
In my camera bag
Canon 6d , Canon 7d mk 2 , speedlite 430 and a number of different lens and a lens multiplier to double the lens length
If you wander around any city in the world you are bound to find something that catches your eye by not deliberately looking for it , many times you must not look just for the 'known' tourist picture sites but look at the streets around you , and not just at eye-level , look up to say the first floor of some of the street and you will be surprised at what you may see and may capture. I always do this and am ready to make that quick shot especially if it is sunlight casting shadows. With digital cameras these days taking 20 shots or so in a burst can give you that one defining shot. angles and unusual objects are also in your scope of photography and sometimes you get a shot of an object that looks like something else like a face in the knots of a tree stump

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