Emmy Sue 2


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Couture Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
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Covers Photo Contest Vol 25Top 20 class week 1


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Gatepc November 05, 2015
barbarakhan November 05, 2015
Wow--amazing photo!
misterG November 06, 2015
Nice light! What filters did you use in post production?
kthrn49 PRO
kthrn49 November 06, 2015
stunning photo, beautiful composition
AntonioMarchetti PRO+
AntonioMarchetti November 09, 2015
Absolutely amazing !!
iani PRO
iani January 23, 2016
Absolutely fantastic! Sorry, I meant to give top choice.
JulieAnnNewell January 24, 2016
simply stunning! wow!!!
siegart June 14, 2016
wow. this is so lovely. the colors, the editing, the model. Amazing
ellestaples PRO
ellestaples July 14, 2016
I love this. Did you post process the softness in the grass?
NeighborhoodGeographic September 11, 2017
ArberElezi December 03, 2017
Awesome Shot
timwells September 20, 2018
Stunning. Beautiful photo.

Behind The Lens

First off, I just want to say that my girlfriend took this photo and I edited it. We are both involved in every photoshoot by our business, Mystic Photography, out of Waterford, MI. Misty took this photo at Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden, MI - one of our favorite locations to shoot!
We usually start our modeling shoots early in the day and shoot until dusk. That we can get a nice variety of images and make the shoot as worthwhile as possible for everybody. This shot was taken around noon on 8/2/2015.
We wanted this image to look as natural as possible, so we used 100% natural light. It was a very sunny day, so we moved to a nice grassy, shaded area for this shot.
Misty used her Canon Rebel t3i and kit lens (18-55mm). We have upgraded a bit since then, but as long as you have the right lighting and a creative mind, it doesn't really seem to matter what you're limited to.
We contacted the model prior to the shoot and she sent us some photos of a few outfits she had made. We thought this would be right up our alley and decided to just run with it. All we really did was tell her to lie down, Misty snapped a few photos at different angles and this was the result. The model did not wear any makeup during the shoot.
Yes! I started in Lightroom. I selected the whites of her eyes for the white balance. Then I got rid of the green on her skin by using an adjustment brush, by moving the green/magenta slider to the right. I also added a bit of contrast and vibrance. In photoshop, I started with frequency separation, for the skin. As I stated earlier, the model didn't wear any makeup and she also had a great complexion, so that wasn't too tricky. I love skin texture and find frequency separation to be the best method for keeping people looking real - not plastic. I also adjusted the saturation of the greens and added some blues to them. I added a bit of a white haze in the upper-left corner with the brush tool. I added a bit of gaussian blur and erase it from the model. I used various curves and adjustment layers for the rest - added blues to the shadows, added a soft light curves layer for contrast, etc. Mainly, I just "played around" until it looked good to me! :) The last step was to add a high pass filter at 2.8, set to overlay, to add selective sharpening.
In my camera bag
Currently we carry a Canon 6D, Canon 70D, 85mm 1.8 Canon Lens, 70-200mm 2.8 Sigma Lens, 24-105mm f4 canon lens, 18-135mm Canon lens, and a 75-300mm Canon Lens. We also carry 3-4 Yongnuo flashes with a couple of Rogue Flashbenders (which are amazing at weddings!) Then our car is packed with a tripod, smoke bombs, sparklers, umbrellas, stools, and many other, props. We usually grab a couple of energy drinks before a shoot as well.
All you really need to capture something like this is an experienced model, a unique wardrobe, a good location, some creativity, and a bit of luck. We were lucky to have the chance to work with this stunning model and hope to again sometime soon!

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