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sadatbinhossain September 30, 2015
Marvelous capture
sasi_cyborg September 30, 2015
Fantastic capture color lighting was well
KesPhotography October 01, 2015
Nice piece. Love the lines in this image
Workshopphotos January 03, 2016
A truly beautiful portrait and nature piece of art.
Workshopphotos January 03, 2016
A truly beautiful portrait and nature piece of art.

Barley Looking





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Behind The Lens

This was taken on the Palouse in Washington. This is actually my first attempt of using a human purposefully in my shot so I am pretty please with the result.
I wanted to get some good soft light for this shot so I waited until golden hour. This was specifically 20 minutes before the sunset.
As I mentioned this was my first real shoot with a person (intentially) so I wasn't sure what to expect with light but knew I wanted to use only natural light as it does seem to capture the best moments.
I shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and decided to use my 100mm fixed Canon macro lens to give it a large variation in depth of field.
I wanted to spend time exploring human interaction among nature. There is something romantic about seeing the beauty around us (landscape) coexist with people.
I specialize in landscape photography so am familiar with post-processing. I actually think about it while I am taking the shot as it is part of my whole process. As for this one, I didn't alter much as the light was pretty brilliant so I only played with the contrast a little.
In my camera bag
1 camera, a strudy tripod (cheap tripods and landscape photography do not mix well). Also a few different lens 17mm,50mm, 100mm macro, 70-300, and an 18-135mm. I like having the range as each shot requires a different perspective.
Practice with your camera. The more familiar you are with you camera the better photoshoots will go. It is very crucial in natural light settings as well as you have to been step ahead of what the light is going to do so when the light is just right you are prepared to take the shot. This is speaking from the many failed sunset shots I have taken as I was not prepared.

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