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Bernard3616 September 06, 2015
Great capture!!!

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken during a road trip in Namibia.
It was in the morning, we wake up at 5h30 and walked to the top of Big Daddy Dune. Dead Vlei is just after the Dune. So this picture was taken around 9h30. ( Yeah this took a while to go top of Big Daddy Dune ;) ( google it you will see ^^
The Light in the desert in Namibia is just AWESOME!!! For the story early in the moring the sand is yellow/orange;and the more the sun is hitting the more the sand become red! Indeed this is due to the high concentration of iron in the sand and consequent oxidation processes! Don't tell it is a secret :)
Canon 5D Mark 2 - 24-70 2.8L no tripod for this photo. 24 mn -> 1/4000sec aperture 2.8 at 100 iso!
When you are walking in the desert and you know that you are going to see dead trees that have been there for 900 years, you are in a mood that is not easy to describe with words.... Here when I saw my wife just in front of me walking I quiclky too the picture. I have try different composition but this one worked the best ! She is in the middle surrounded by the desert. When I looked at the picture on my computer 2 weeks after! I felt like I was there again!
I just add some vignette to the picture. Actually I have to admit my post processing on this picture have taken me like 3 minutes...
In my camera bag
My best friend is my 5D MII with the 24-70 2.8:) As it was a road trip I have taken with my 128go of Memory cards (4 cards of 32go) and 3 batteries just in case ( even if we had electricity almost all nights)
If I have only one advise: " When you take pictures just feel it and enjoy yourself! Taking photo is about what you feel not about what other want to see and how they judge you!! There is NO photographer that will take 100% of perfect pictures!! that does not exist... But when you are commited and when you really are enjoying yourself chance are that some of the pictures you are taking will please you!! Once you have this sensation BINGO you got it! Who cares if some like and others don't this is not the point!!!! The point is when you look at your craft and you say to yourself " When I look at this picture I feel what I wanted to show".

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