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Shooting the Arena

Within the Nambung National Park, late in the afternoon.

Within the Nambung National Park, late in the afternoon.
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andrevondeling January 19, 2016
should be in the final! so captured the contest!
fineartphotography Platinum
fineartphotography January 22, 2016
Thanks :)
randalpair Ultimate
randalpair February 17, 2017
Since i am usually trying to avfoid capturing my shadow, I at first thought including the phtog's shadow was a strange choise. But I think it really adds to the sense of scale, also makes it a little less desolate.
AetherPhotographics March 22, 2017
My shadow is often the only proof I exist. Great capture!
tonyvasquez PRO+
tonyvasquez April 18, 2017
Great image!
Scarlet1989 September 23, 2017
Excellent shot!
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken within the Nambung National Park in Western Australia. The park is best known for The Pinnacles Desert, where thousands of petrified trees, have turned into stone and are scattered all across the otherwise barren desert floor. Apert from the Pinnacles the park has a lot of
It was late afternoon when the sun was getting low and casting some wonderful shadows over the dunes.
Photographing the white sand desert dunes in the midday sun in Australia is a challenge - the sand is so bright, you can't even look at it with the naked eye, yet alone through the lens - that is, on a bright sunny day. Later in the day, as the shadows start to move and define the dunes is the best time to get a good shot. Following the sun during the day, anticipating where it will be and how the shadows will fall can help make the most of the short window of opportunity, until the sun goes down.
The shot was taken with my Canon 1DS Mark II and my canon 16 - 35mm Wide Angle Lens. I rarely use any other lens these days as it so helps capture the epic scenes of the Australian landscape. The shot was taken on tripod, my Cullman Magnesit, which is fairly light, which makes the struggle wading through the desert sand dunes slightly less of an issue.
Walking along the edge of dunes, I noticed my shadow following me. I have always felt uneasy about having people in my images, they are distracting for me, but a shadow - that can tell a story about the place, rather than the person. In this case, it does both. For me, this is a self portrait.
I never add anything to my photos, but I may take away a distracting leaf or something. In this case, I focused on the contrasting colours in the light and shadows. I made sure the crop led the viewer into the shot with the strong shadow from the bottom left and up into the centre of the image.
In my camera bag
These days I carry about 5 or 6 32GB memory cards. Sometimes a card will get corrupted and I never want to be out somewhere and not be able to get the shot. The same goes for my camera, so I have a spare battery at all times. It is a heavy accessory, but necessary. I do carry other lenses but fewer and fewer when I am out in the desert. I sometimes spot emus on the horizon and so take a telephoto with me, just in case the right shot opens up to me. I always carry some dried fruit, maybe some chocolate and of course some water. Being out all day and most of the evening gets tiring and I make sure I get a kick of energy just before dusk, so I am on form for some of the best photo opportunities. For the desert, I will often bring a net mask to keep the flies off my face - they drive me crazy.
Take a tripod, plan your shots and be ready for the unexpected. Photograph something that you love and work to get that shining through in your images. Eliminate any distractions in camera and in Photoshop if that fails.

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