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pietnel June 02, 2016
Wow what a masterpiece awesome shot well done love it
saboytjie June 04, 2016
thank you so much!
ItsAsEasyAsTeezy February 20, 2017
I agree. This is spectacular! I'd love to know everything about your process.
livit April 22, 2017
Great capture, pregnancy shot to boot! Lovely!
ricrog October 08, 2017
Great photo!

Under water test

One of the better this!
One of the better this!
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in a friends, salt water pool, just before winter....salt water is the clearest water to shoot under water photos. The woman requested a test shoot, she wasn't sure it would of worked, we spent about 3 hours in the pool, I was freezing, she was the way....the test shoot produced better photos than the actual shoot!, worst of all? no charge!!
we planned the shoot for mid day, sun from top, no shadows...
when shooting in a pool, surrounded by trees, midday is the best on a clear day....and a very clean swimming pool.....salt water pools are the best!
I used my canon 7D, with a wide angle lens, in a DicaPack plastic housing (btw - be careful, they puncture quickly, I broke a lens in that housing), a wetsuit, and a weight to keep me down, and all natural light! settings, I think were, ISO 200, F13 with a quick shutter speed....multiple shots were taken....
I have always thought about this shot, Jackie (girl) was keen on everything....I wanted a dreamy shot, like a mermaid floating in the water....
photo was shot in RAW, imported to lightroom...changed to B&W, with some tweeks...highlights, shadows etc...
In my camera bag
my bag is always fully packed, batteries charged, cf cards formatted....ready to roll!.. bag is packed with: Gopro Black, Canon 7D mk 1 body....17-85 l lens, 24mm f2 stm, 50mm 1.8, stm, canon70-200 f4 l lens, 2 x can 430 flashes, about 5 x 8Gig cards, trigger trap, phottix trigger with 2 recievers & godox studio light with battery...oh and a reflector! all fits in a pelican 1500 case & lowepro backpack
do some home work, best time of day would be midday, (more light) a shallow pool....a clean one too! (any debris, will show, you need to keep your movements to a minimum, don't expect the perfect shot the first time! this was my 4th shoot, and I was happy with about 10 shots! watch out for over exposing, light reflects weird in water! a good under water housing, shoot RAW, do a lot of testing before the actual patient, and always enjoy it! if your happy, the client will be happy!

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