eagle owl face on oil





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a falcon display, i adapted it in CS6 to enhance its eyes and give the stare look more depth
I took this photo mid morning, morning light is better for shooting close up birds
I wanted this image to be my trade mark image on my web page so to get the correct effect i wanted to make something stand out that was obvious to the picture, the eyes were the answer
Nikon D7100 with a Sigma F2.8 70 - 200 OS DG EX Lens, no flash, all hand held
I am always a great fan of wildlife, I am always on the look out to promote wildlife where ever i can in different formats
Yes, lots of adjustments in CS6 , adding Oil effect to the feathers to create the smooth effect and changing the colour of the eyes, a lot of trial and error really, but you have to try these things to see what can be done
In my camera bag
one camera with a long lens and another camera around my neck with a macro lens, charged batteries in both cameras and a good pair of binos, nothing more really, travel light in the field
experiment, dont be afraid to experiment, you learn heaps from playing around with pictures, i dont mean adding stuff in, but use what you see and imagine it if you took in different light in different settings, you will create your own style, be proud of your pictures.

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