Jhannet Correa for Agua Bendita

Swimwear fashion shooting for the label Agua Bendita

Swimwear fashion shooting for the label Agua Bendita
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avinashlittle PRO+
avinashlittle June 26, 2015
Very good shot... wish to see more.. Welcome to view bug
ralfeyertt September 01, 2016
thanx so much
SnezanaPetrovic April 22, 2016
ralfeyertt September 01, 2016
thanx so much
mrdesiro June 01, 2016
ralfeyertt September 01, 2016
thanx so much
Cruiser48 Premium
Cruiser48 July 31, 2016
Very nice...
ralfeyertt August 01, 2016
thanx a lot
scottlandonblake PRO+
scottlandonblake November 26, 2016
An absolutely stunning photo!

ralfeyertt November 27, 2016
thanx so much
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a location near the Lake Lucerne in Switzerland. I could use the graden of a house with this beautiful bamboos. This was a shooting for a Colombia Swimwear label Agua Bendita and I did it with this amazing Colombia Model Jhannet Correa.. You will find more photos of her taken by me at my profil.
we start shooting around 11 o'clock and this one was taken around 13 o'clock
The lightning. Because I could use power I had my complete studio lightning with me. In this case I use a Hensel Beauty Dish in front and some indirect lightnings in the back. In fashion photography it is important to bring up the right colors.. And you will get it with studio lights.. Look at the bamboos, all the green will take effect and will reflect the green colors to your object. So if you use a flash light you can keep the original colors.
I am a Canon shooter and I use the Canon EOS DX 1. For this pic I use my Canon 85mm lens 1.2. The flash is a Hensel Beauty Dish at a Nova D 2400 generator. In the back I use some EH Minis on Hensel Porty L 1200.
U will find a lot of swimwear editorials at the sea on a beach and so on. Living in Switzerland you will find Lakes and Mountains but no sea. I like to do a swimwear editorial for Switzerland in a typical surrounding. Than I found this location and that inspired me to do it here. Some people say, if you have a model like that, you don't need any locations lol.. thats maybe also true.
of course I do the post processing.. I follow always the same steps: I use the Adobe Bridge and the RAW Converter to set up the right contrasts and colors. In Adobe CC photoshop I do at first the skin retouching. I use the frequenzy seperation to make the skin clean, than dodge and burn to set the highlights and shadows. After that I use the detail extractor from the Google Efex Pro 4 filters to give some parts of the picture a deep sharp. A little bit skin toning and that's it.
In my camera bag
I use a photocase Peli 1510. 2 cams Canon EOS D5 Mark II and a Canon EOS DX 1. My Canon lenses are 28 -300 mm zoom, 24 - 70 mm zoom, 85 mm lens, 50 mm and a Sigma wide lens 12-24mm. Also a Speedlite 580EXII flash. And for some reasons I have a lightmeter from Gossen Digipro F and a Colorchecker x-rite
If you work outside or on location you will not have the possibility to use power. Often you can't shoot into the pc or laptop to control the results. Most of the cameras have a filter on and if you take a look at the pictures on the small cam monitor you see a good looking pic. At home at the big screen you see the difference. In that case I always have my Ipad (you can use other tablets too) with me.. Before I start shooting I do some test and take a look at the pics on the Ipad. If I am satisfied with the result I start shooting. I do this every time I change the set or lightsettings. So I don't have surprises at home.

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