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arifunsal January 21, 2018
Top class!
ralfeyertt January 21, 2018
thanx so much dear friend
michaelwilliamson_3241 March 29, 2018
A dream come true! Nice photo! Any other photos of them?
ralfeyertt March 29, 2018
yes maybe next
JM18Photography April 11, 2018
ralfeyertt April 11, 2018
thanx so much
harmeetsingh Feb 26 beautiful
harmeetsingh Feb 26 beautiful
ralfeyertt Feb 26
thanx so much

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Girl Girl shooting
Girl Girl shooting
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Behind The Lens

this is a studio work at my studio in Zürich.
it was in the afternoon..
It looks like available light but it is not. It is a studio flash lightning with a very low power. In this case I use 2 striplights
I am a Canon shooter and I use the Canon EOS DX 1. In this case I used my alround zoom lens of Canon the 28 - 300mm. The flashes are Hensel. 1 Nova D 2400 Generator and 2 EH Mini I Speed
In my mind I like to create a sexy scene with 2 girls but I dont want an erotic scene. I love the synchrone posing of both and this heat down look. It is important to watch the head in this posing, most people will du a wrinkled forehead in this position. Also I want have this warm look
I always do a post processing and I do it by my own. I use CaptureOne RAW Converter to set up the right contrasts and colors. In Adobe CC photoshop I do at first the skin retouching. I use the frequenzy seperation to make the skin clean, than dodge and burn to set the highlights and shadows. After that I use the detail extractor from the Google Efex Pro 4 filters to give some parts of the picture a deep sharp. A little bit skin toning and that's it.
In my camera bag
I use a photocase Peli 1510. 2 cams Canon EOS D5 Mark II and a Canon EOS DX 1. My Canon lenses are 28 -300 mm zoom, 24 - 70 mm zoom, 85 mm lens, 50 mm and a Sigma wide lens 12-24mm. Also a Speedlite 580EXII flash. And for some reasons I have a lightmeter from Gossen Digipro F and a Colorchecker x-rite.
a girl girl shooting will only works if the girls know each other. OK if you use professionell models it is easy. They know what to do.. But in my case I often use new faces. And you can see I worked with Edamey and Eleni alone a long time.. They love my kind of pictures and so it was not a problem to bring them together. This is maybe a good advice for you if you try a girl girl shooting.. Use professionelles or girls they know each other

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