Lonely Road

I really like the leading lines in this one...
I really like the leading lines in this one...
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Behind The Lens

This was taken on a quiet street just off a major road in western Sydney, to the right of this road is the Nepean River which sits at the bottom of the Blue Mountains.
It was maybe an hour before sundown. We originally went out to get some shots of the sun slipping behind the mountains, but unfortunately the lighting was all wrong on this day, so I switched my focus.
There's nothing special about the lighting, as I said the sun was going down and you can see it was fairly overcast, I just took the shot and hoped for the best!
I believe this was just my Canon 550D with 18-55mm lens. Nothing too extravagant.
I'm a huge fan of leading lines, I love the way they just draw you in. Those big trees on the left ran all along the road, and I thought with a low angle on the road it would be a compelling image.
Yes, but at this point I didn't know too much so its just the basics, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows and I believe I got a little carried away with the sharpening of this one. But I love how it turned out with all the gritty-ness of the road.
In my camera bag
My one and only Canon 550D with my twin lens kit, 18-55mm & 55-250mm. Trigger pump & tripod because I'm a little shakey. CPR filter, just in case. Spare battery which is a must for me because I am always forgetting to charge one of them.
I have no real advice, I'm a shoot now, think later kind of person! Basically, if it catches your eye, go for it, you never know how it will turn out. As I mentioned before, this was never the intended purpose of this outing but I still got something good. So make sure you look around when you're on site, shifting your view even just a little can sometimes be the better option.

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