Over the Hills and Far Away

One fine spring day in Iceland.. seen over Sogin, geothermal area of Reyjanesfólksvangur South West Iceland.

One fine spring day in Iceland.. seen over Sogin, geothermal area of Reyjanesfólksvangur South West Iceland.

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ChristopherLH PRO
ChristopherLH July 09, 2015
Looks like a painting. Great work!
Neckbone August 04, 2017
Beautiful scene and capture!

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Behind The Lens

This photograph is taken over the "Sogin" a geothermal area of Reykjanesfolksvangur South West Iceland.
This image is taken very late in the evening 30. May 2015, around 23:00 near to sunset in Iceland this time of year.. :)
I did not have too much time to catch the sun on the horizon of this image since I arrived late on the location and the sun was almost down... So I setup the EQ quickly and took a bracket of photos, to my luck the lighting was almost perfect... but looked blown out when I looked at the LDC screen on the camera.. however it recovered just fine in post!
This image is taken with Canon 700D, Canon 10-22mm lens on a tripod.
Just a spare of the moment setup, and no specific inspiration to it..
Yes this is a 5 image blend, 3 auto bracket shots and two manually shot, one with me in the picture. I blended the 3 exposures in Photoshop then added my self and some foreground details from the other 2 images to the mix through masking. Then ported the image into Lightroom for finishing touches..
In my camera bag
Well for me it is pretty basic, My normal setup is my Canon 700D with 2x lenses 10-22mm Canon and 70-200mm Canon. I also carry with me one full stop filter and one polarizing filter along with my tripod and cable release..
Well for this shot to work you need to be familiar with the site you are going to shoot at, know some excellent spot where you can be "above" the sight of the camera and make sure that you are not to close or to far.. ( that can be trial and error thing!! ) What I tried in this setup was to make the river in the center of the image to create the leading line so a leading line could be good but not necessary. Take few shots of the landscape first and make sure you have focus and settings in order, like on this image I did take one bracket with the focus on the mountain in the far, then I took one shot of the middleground with the focus there and last I did focus on the rocks under my feet, so that I would be in focus in the image... This can be done with out any fuss, just take your time and make sure your picture looks perfect in the end :)

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