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IMG_2719 in the rain.

real life angrey bird.

real life angrey bird.
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IrogSinta August 31, 2015
How funny!
alexjevon September 19, 2015
The eye is sensational! Well caught Jamie!
Mypix1965 PRO
Mypix1965 December 20, 2015
Awesome shot Jaime! perfect timing, Has a humorous side also. Can't help but laugh-- What a crazy bird. Well done. John in New York
terrysigns13 January 28, 2016
I found this while votin in the "Cheeky Birds" challenge and I couldn't go on without letting you know what a FABULOUS shot this is!
adavies PRO
adavies April 22, 2017
Lol...love it! Awesome capture! :)

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Behind The Lens

I always carry a camera. It was a cold winters day; rain coming down. This little guy appeared. Then decided he didn't like his own image in the mirror. Slowly lowered the window. Then grabbed the shot.
I think the photo was around mid morning.
The lighting was natural.
This was shot with the canon 7D and I think I had on the old trusty Tamron 18-270mm no flash.
Main reason for the photo was this little guy just brightened my day. And it was pretty funny to.
The photo is as it was taken.
In my camera bag
I have up graded a bit over the years. I always have my canon 7D mark ii. I have a sigma 24-70 2.8mm and the main lens on camera is a canon 70-200 mm 2.8 IS. I have a couple small extras like ND filters. sync leads and carry a tripod most times.
Always have a camera with you. doesn't matter what is. just enjoy the experience. Keep taking photos.

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