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YvonneJeaK PRO
YvonneJeaK May 16, 2015
Beautiful colours!
iceman2 May 20, 2015
Excellent reflection capture with beautiful color harmony!
Vince542 May 23, 2015
Bellissima, my favorite town Burano!!!!
Judy_zehentner PRO
Judy_zehentner June 05, 2015
Thank you all so much. It is impossible to take a bad photo in Burano...so beautiful!
GigiJim08 PRO+
GigiJim08 April 10, 2016
Love the colors here. Congratulations on your award!
catherinethompson PRO
catherinethompson April 11, 2016
Just love the colours in this photo and the reflection.
ovosphotography May 31, 2016
smin3 September 03, 2016
LOVE this!!! Inspiring.....
Judy_zehentner PRO
Judy_zehentner September 03, 2016
Thank you. It is a beautiful place.

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Burano, Italy. Burnano is a beautiful small island very near Venice, Italy. It is almost impossible to take a bad photograph in Burano!
I was in Burano on a 2 week vacation through northern Italy with my husband. We were on a tour to Murano and Burano. We arrived in Burano at about 3pm, and the light was just beautiful. The late afternoon sun helped to create the beautiful reflections in the water.
I am a beginning photography, so most of the time if I have a great image, it is just pure luck. I recently retired and carry my camera with me wherever I go. I am taking an on line class, however, and I find my work is improving.
This was shot with my Olympus E M 10 and a 14-42 lens. This is an amazing little camera, which my husband gave me for Christmas!
If you just look at the buildings and all the color, that is all the inspiration you need! I love color~
Nope, no post processing was necessary.
In my camera bag
All I have in my bag is my Olympus camera and 2 lenses, the 14-42, and a 40-150. I hope to get a DSLR someday, but right now this is all I need.
Well, I just take a million pictures and then once in a while something great happens. As you can tell from my answers, I am a rookie!

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