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Macro shot of a Fresia flower's pistil and stamen.

Macro shot of a Fresia flower's pistil and stamen.
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Etna PRO+
Etna May 23, 2015
Beautiful shot
francoislindeque May 23, 2015
great macro
photodangeniic September 23, 2018
Great shot

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my "office - studio"
It was taken indoors on a sunny March day at 12:24p.m.
I've always liked to explore the nuances of available light, and enjoy the challenge of controlling it. Sometimes I dab with flash; but natural light wins the day most of the time. Windows with horizontal slated shades are my favorite.
Shot with a tripod mounted Nikon D5100, Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro, radio remote release.
Flowers have been my passion since my early days in photography (late 60's), but I couldn't afford the equipment for Macro Photography. Fast forward to 2012 and the story is different. Now retired at 63, have returned to my passion, but this time in the digital realm, and having a BLAST! Plenty of time and subjects.
Most of the Post-processing is done with LR.
In my camera bag
D7100, D7200, Tokina 100 f/2.8, Micro Nikkor 55mm f/3.5, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8, Tamron 11-16mm. f/2.8, Nikkor 135 f/3.5, Sigma 150-600 5.6/6.3, Auto TTL flash, Auto Extension Tubes.
Direct, harsh, high contrast light is your worst enemy for this type of shot. Keep in mind that, depending on the season and time of day, you will need to use light modifiers even with window light. Indoors, you can use slower shutter speeds and smaller f/stops to help bring out the details, but you have to keep on tripod vibrations and air movement in check. You should treat each and every flower as a portrait customer. Each one has a distinct personality. You mission: try to bring the best of the flower out.

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