vitusvitula April 30, 2015
Very interesting composition!
superb composition.
I just launched the "Arches Challenge" for compo based in Arches. Why not compete in it?

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Apr, 2015

The Walk

Tabriz grand bazaar ...

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Behind The Lens

Here is Tabriz Grand Bazaar. An old market place and the largest covered market in the middle east. Here you can find any thing and it's usually crowded and that's why I usually go there on weekends. I don't like pictures in which too many people are present. I like it to be minimal and clean.
The Walk was shot at around 1 pm! yes the worst time of the day when sun is in the middle of sky! But inside bazaar, it's the best time because sunlight can come in from holes which are in the ceiling. Amazing isn't it?
Becuas Tabriz Grand Bazaar is covered and it has unique holes in the ceiling for light to come in, I usually go there in the middle of the day.
I had an Canon EOS 60d back then. It was a good camera but, obviously noise level was a little bit annoying specially in the bazaar where there is not enough light! My lens was Sigma 17-70, an all around lens for my daily documentary shots.
At first there were cats in the middle of frame that I took a shot, but then I wanted something more! That didn't convinced me to leave the position. I waited for a passer or something better for about 2 mins. Then I saw a man coming and was ready to press the button. I waited for the man to be on the middle and also I was looking for his legs to be perfect. Then out of a sudden cats saw something and began moving towards it at the exactly right moment! that was exceptional and I was lucky!
I just made it black and white.
In my camera bag
I usually have my EOS 6D and a normal 24-105mm. I also have a small 50mm f/1.8.
The only thing that I can say is to wait for perfect moment. When you find a good composition, Don't just take a normal shot and leave. Be persistent and wait for a miracle then click and be surprised! That's the moment you will feel the joy and excitement of photography!

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