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tammyswarek May 11, 2015
Fantastic shot!
jasbrat1 July 05, 2016
wow cool shot
angelacarr April 18, 2017
Best I've seen ????????????
ivnporras November 11, 2017
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ivnporras November 11, 2017

Up, Up and Away

At the Tyndall AFB air show 2015
At the Tyndall AFB air show 2015
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Behind The Lens

This was taken at the Tyndall Air Force Base air show in Panama City, Florida.
This photo, and the others in the series, were taken in the afternoon. It was pretty hot out there but the day was pleasant enough considering it had stormed the day before.
The lighting is natural with only a little post processing. It has stormed the day before and had been threatening to do so again on that day. We'd get a little sunshine and it'd get really hot then it'd cool off some and you'd see stormy looking clouds.
Nikon D5500 DSLR 24.2 Megapixels with a Nikon 28-300 mm ED VR lens.
We love being able to attend opportunities for unique photos like this one and my husband (half of the photography team) loves the air show.
There is a little Lightroom post-processing. However, there's not a lot on this one. I tend to love to post-process a lot but this one really didn't need it. The sky is natural and other than that I simply cleaned it up, cropped it, and made sure the light focused on the plane.
In my camera bag
Oh boy! We have two camera bags and two separate set-ups with multiple lenses, etc. We use a Nikon D5500 and a Nikon D5200 and we each have our favorite lenses.
Keep trying! When it comes to moving objects like this, more is better because you never know when you might catch that perfect shot. A good zoom lens is obviously a must and work with what you have and try to enhance it. If the sky is blown out, focus on the lighting and the details. If you take enough photos where you try to get the quality perfect, you'll eventually find that favorite shot.

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