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catini August 17, 2014
Great composition, congrats on your feature!
AlanJakarta August 17, 2014
Wonderful shot. Congratulations on being Featured.
lindawilliams_5852 August 17, 2014
Talk about the WOW factor!!!!
iceman2 August 17, 2014
Beautiful shot.Congrats!
Dmullanephotography August 17, 2014
Great shot
sweetpea72 August 17, 2014
Stunning shot.. Congrats! ")
Capture-Life August 17, 2014
Killer capture.. and lighting ..!! Congrats !! :):):)
sarahparker August 17, 2014
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sarahparker August 17, 2014
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morriskleyman August 17, 2014
Magnificent shot!!!!
matthubbard August 18, 2014
Perfect timing, love it.
richarddownes August 19, 2014
Thank you for all your wonderful comments!
vojce August 20, 2014
excellent capture
jaiveersingh August 26, 2014
scruffyherbert September 11, 2014
Well I take my hat off to you for making Ferrybridge power station a thing of beauty. A really terrific shot and I know it well through endless trips on the A1. Great title aswell. Congrats on the feature.
anitadaigremelon September 19, 2014
It says so much about our world
MichelleDohertyPhoto September 20, 2014
This is so well done, the composition is brilliant - there is symmetry but movement and asymmetry too. I just love it. It also incredible storytelling - as we often just imagine the billowing clouds in the sky coming from pure, good nature, not man-made smoke-stacks. Wow.
Lorenzo September 22, 2014
Outstanding composition and light!
SummerK February 07, 2015
CherylG February 20, 2015
Great shot!!
Will-Robson March 05, 2015
great picture
simonchornick March 19, 2015
Making the ugly and disastrous look beautiful is no easy task!! This shot is amazing!!
dimplestwn March 23, 2015
Love the originality and pov. Bravo
erewego June 28, 2015
That looks like Eggborough to me .......
Ana_Thrush July 28, 2015
Fantastic shot!!
angeladignasbravin July 03, 2016
A brilliant managed to make smog and pollution a thing of beauty!!
vitor February 24, 2017
Marvelous photo, dangerous environment!
Lindaully October 25, 2018
Oh I used to live with that view (and Drax) in the background. Moved to the Moors near Helmsley and can’t say I miss it but that’s an awesome shot!

The Cloud Machine

sunset over ferrybridge powerstation
sunset over ferrybridge powerstation
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Behind The Lens

I took the photo just outside Selby in Yorkshire looking towards Ferrybridge power station.
It was about 4.30pm
It was taken just before sunset.
I use a Sony a77 mk1 with a 16-50mm 2.8 lens
I love taking sunset images and on this day it had been a cold wintery day, with a clear blue sky. I could see the power station was producing some wonderful 'clouds' so drove to a position where I could frame the sun with the 'clouds'
Just a little bit of post production in photoshop, a touch of colour correction, and removed a couple of birds.
In my camera bag
sony a77, 16-50mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, tamron 70-300.
keep your eye on the weather conditions, have the ideal shot in mind and go for it!

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