Borrowed Breath

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Winner in Artistic Conflict Photo Challenge
Peer Award
Superb Composition
InuYashafoxfire Daniella_Adena ahmadtaneemkamal aghoward glennprice Meghanfrondorf WolfgangPichler +7
Absolute Masterpiece
Madcat JCOPortraitist jonesaiko deannaalys robinlewisheagler WendyHurstPortrait caitlynblake
Outstanding Creativity
sonuzphotos ciprian7 Ha7an Albert-Serra-Photography craigcrussell mariannedixey wrogers
Top Choice
florinhorhat jenteeisme p_eileenbaltz
All Star


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WendyHurstPortrait May 05, 2015
Ultimately I chose this image as my challenge winner because, more than the others, the subject's anguish comes through in her expression and pose rather than a prop or her environment. Well done.
Erica_Lynn_ May 05, 2015
Thank you so much Wendy! It's truly an honor
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Behind The Lens

I was driving around with the model around town just hoping t find a random location that we thought would work (I had nothing specific in mind) and I saw this dirt road that I must have passed 20 times before but never paid any attention to so we turned down the road. The road led us into this amazing little abandoned barn area that was a photoshoot haven. I felt like I just hit the lottery when we pulled up.
It was mid afternoon, around 12pm and an overcast day.
I shot this in natural light, it was a perfectly overcast day so the sky was like a giant soft box for the sun. I couldn't have asked for better circumstances.
All I had with me was my Canon 5D Mark iii with my 85mm lens. No lighting or tripod.
I wanted to capture a story not a photo. I knew this photo was going to be a part of a series of photos that would eventually be part of a story that a local writer was working on so I tried to pull out as much emotion as possible from the model.
I color balanced this photo in Lightroom and then imported it into Photoshop where I added the matte texture to it, blurred the background a bit as well as desaturated the colors. Other than that there wasn't much done to the photo.
In my camera bag
I am so simple. I only carry my camera, my 85mm lens, my 50mm lens and a reflector. That's it. If I am shooting in studio I will bring my Pocket Wizard with me in case I need to hook up to lighting. The only lighting I own is a 16" beauty dish that is on my strobe.
Emotion, emotion, emotion. You need to be able to pull out the emotion from the subject. Try and get into their head and trigger some emotion from them. Tell them a sad story and have them react to it. It's one thing to take a photo but it's another thing to capture a mood. Always think about what story you are trying to tell with your photo and how you can best capture that mood without any props. Once you have achieved the mood than start adding props if needed.

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