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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at a place known as the North 40 in Delta, BC., an overgrown, old military base that is now used as a walking path and great place for birding.
This photo was taken in the late afternoon as the sun was beginning to lower and provide a softer light. I had my back to the sun as the eagle came over two trees, seemingly from no where, only 40 feet in the air. Fortunately, the eagle was flying towards the sun so it was lit up nicely.
I used a my Nikon D810 with the 80-400mm AFS lens attached. As with the majority of my shots, this was taken hand-held.
I love taking pictures of birds, particularly the shorebirds and raptors. This location is great for the eagles where they regularly nest and it never gets tiring to see these majestic birds. The challenge is, and remains, to capture them in a way that truly does them justice. One day.
My post processing is fairly limited. I always shoot in raw as it affords such flexibility. With this picture I added a little bit of contrast, vibrance and saturation while lightening up the shadows to reveal more detail in the eagles wings.
In my camera bag
Normally I always travel with my Nikon D810 married to the nikon 80-400mm. I always keep my Nikon 24-70 2.8 with me for those landscape opportunities and have my Sirui tripod and ball head strapped to my pack for when hand-holding isn't an option.
When doing nature or bird photography always be ready with the camera. When I arrive at my destination the first thing I do is make sure the lens cover is off, camera turned on (and remains on the entire time I'm out) and check all my settings, in case I've changed them from a previous outing. For birding, or any action photography, its important to know how to pan with both fast and slower shutter speeds, depending on what you are trying to achieve. The high speeds (1000+) will make it easier to effectively capture the subject in focus, while using slower speeds (400 and lower) will allow for blur in the background which helps to create the feeling of motion in the picture. With the slower speeds, only proper technique will ensure your subject is sharp, while the background gets lost in the motion of the pan.

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