Leading Lines - Tokyo Ghoul

End of the day shot during that lovely Golden hour ... God bless human natures fantastic love of Orange warm colours

End of the day shot during that lovely Golden hour ... God bless human natures fantastic love of Orange warm colours
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pedronunoferreira April 01, 2015
Very creative. Thank you for participating in my challenge

Behind The Lens

This was taken in Landschaftspark in Duisburg, Germany. It's an amazing location that anyone can use, either by asking permission 24 hours in advance if you have a lot of gear or just walking in and being nice! Great series of old abandoned factory settings, check my other images for other shots.
Whelp, I hope the photo gives it away but I suppose technically it could be sun set or sun rise ... in this case it was sun set on a cold cold coldddddd January evening, we were all very cold at the end!
Very simple, but worth explaining out, my camera was set to ambient at about half to one stop lower for contrast, single 90cm octobox at 45 degrees camera right.
Myself, my camera, single flash in an 90cm octobox on a lightstand.
A good sunset picture is worth the time, with this location I had a scout before hand and saw how lovely the lines lead down and merge so when we did all our other shots on the way out I made sure we got this one too.
Sadly yes, I wanted it to be pure natural sunset but I feel I just missed it ... so the "sun" on photo right / subjects left is fake, the real sun is setting on the other side just behind the building but overall I think it is nice.
In my camera bag
A range of lens (normally wide of a 20-25mm, a 50mm, 85mm and 135mm), a few flashes, reflector and some soft boxes if needed.
Find the location before hand, have a compass so you can tell which side the sun sets, you can then use this to figure your framing for when you come back later with a model. Using a flash creates a good strong portrait but it will have that unnatural lit look as the flash will contradict the sun's position, if you remove the flash you can create a lovely silhouette shot using the sun in the back drop to rim light the subject from behind, go out and experiment!

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