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sweetpea72 October 13, 2013
Beautiful shot! :)
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Rainbow City, near Steele, Al. and not far from Chandler Mountain. I would drive by this location daily on my way to work in the dark, but could not see this point of interest. I found this actually by accident just going on an early morning shoot to see what might come together. There is a church parking lot that opens to a large field and that is where I found this just waiting for me.
The overnight rain was clearing with a cold front moving through just as the sun was rising from the east. I love getting up really early to get the photographic offerings of a storm moving through. Surprises can be found using that formula. I equally love the time leading up to sunset. Being prepared for shoots in advance is always a great idea, but sometimes the exploration in real time can be rewarding.
The direct sunlight beaming on the tree subject was almost too bright, any later would have been overexposed. This is one of those "In the right place at the right time" photos, and I love those kind!
I simply used my Fuji Film FinePix a900, with a tripod, no flash needed. I used the built in zoom to capture this.
I have always loved natural settings with as little as possible of man made objects to mar the scene. The inspiration comes from the joy of being there to witness the beauty. The fact that I have been an artist as young as age 2 can contribute to the love of color. I have always thought of color as vitamins for my soul.
I use Photoshop CC to sometimes bring out what I actually thought I saw that the camera didn't catch. I more than likely gave this some contrast and maybe a small bump in saturation. I think it didn't require hardly anything because I remember how happy I was seeing it on playback.
In my camera bag
I usually carry my Fuji Film s6800 along with several smaller cameras, an action sport 4k camera, a phone attachment for the tripod, a good supply of lens cleaning cloths, connection wires, electrical tape, fold out reflective sheets, tripod mounts, and some filters. I try to have some plastic bags to keep the cameras dry if needed. I make sure I never to forget plenty of rechargeable batteries and a charger.
It may be hard to find, but it's out there, If you have your heart in it, you will find it. Having the gift of visualization beforehand can be a plus as well as knowing about the area. I only use Google Earth sometimes to give me hints of what may lie ahead. Being there and scouting for new areas of exploration is the key to finding the treasures. I also think of the lighting possibilities of each scene for other times of the day with weather factoring in. Taking your time and not being in a hurry also makes for better results. Tripods are always the better route when spending the time wisely.

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